My Teaching Manifesto: 2017-2018 Edition

With the school year finally here, and after reading the inspired posts from fellow teacher and bloggers Susan G Barber and Danah Hashem, I’ve decided to write my own teaching manifesto for this school year. By posting these commitments here, I want to refer back to them through the year, sharing my progress on meeting these goals. My hope is that this will become a yearly practice, making me a more purposeful, well-rounded, and reflective teacher. Without further ado, here’s my 2017-2018 teaching manifesto.

My students

  • I will get to know each of my students on a personal level, enabling me to meet not only their academic needs but also their mental-emotional ones.
  • I will go to school activities in order to see my students partaking in activities that make them feel proud.
  • I will be mindful that students have more than my class to worry about, and, therefore, I won’t ever give them busywork.
  • I will worry less about how many texts we get through and more about how deeply we get into each text.
  • I will have my students do various kinds of writing, frequently.

My colleagues

  • I will ask questions and ask my colleagues for help.
  • I will utilize my colleagues’ areas of expertise.
  • I will share areas in which I feel confident.

My personal life

  • I will prioritize time with my husband and dog.
  • I will take my dog for a walk at least once a day (even when it’s cold, and I just want to cuddle under a pile of blankets).
  • I will make time to see friends, and I’ll try not to spend that time just talking about work.
  • I will (try) to keep my home life organized throughout the week rather than having a massive organization/ cleaning day during the weekend.

My self

  • I will make time for me at least once a month (whether it’s getting a manicure, a massage, or just reading by myself), and I’ll try not to feel guilty about it.
  • I will prioritize my physical, emotional, and mental health, starting with being more physically active.
  • I will forgive myself. When I, inevitably, fall short in one of these areas, I will forgive myself, and I’ll try not spend so much time beating myself up about it. I will understand that I’m only human, and I make mistakes, and I will try to learn from them.

These are just a few of the commitments I’m making for this school year. I’d love to know what commitments you’re all making as well!


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