My First Classroom

Hi there! It’s been a while since I posted; my first year of teaching has been crazy and has left me with little time to blog (let alone sleep).

When I found out that I would be teaching at Haverhill High, I immediately began thinking about how I would decorate my classroom. It was important to me that there was plenty of room to display students’ work, but I also wanted to put up some permanent decorations to make the classroom inviting and inspiring.

The desk/chairs were a particular issues for me. I really wanted to encourage discussion, so rows weren’t going to work, but because the seats are attached to the desks, it’s difficult to have the desks too close. The compromise I decided on was putting the desks in 3 “rows” or semi circles facing the Smartboard at the front of the room.

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The book pages trim on the bulletin boards and the book page banners were inspired by my wonderful friend Danah Hashem. She had a similar theme at my bridal shower (which the book page flowers are from!), and I knew it would be perfect in my classroom!

My husband helped me make the #read and #write signs, which are so perfect! The gallery wall includes all things that I find inspirational and motivational. The clipboards are things I especially think are important for students to know and believe.

Since taking all of these pictures, I have made some changes and improvements (including some great student work being displayed)! Let me know what you think!


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