To Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Hello readers!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post; between graduation, interviews, and getting married, life has been a little busy recently. Since a lot has happened since I last posted on the blog, I thought I’d start things back up with a little recap of the last month or so.

May was a busy month for me. I completed both my student teaching and my graduate program. Student teaching at Newburyport High School was an incredibly experience; I learned so much from the teachers there. My cooperating teacher, Melissa, was the best mentor I could have asked for. Watching Melissa teach, I was in awe of her. Her care and support for her students, both academically and personally, is obvious, and for this reason, her students (and I) love her so much. I hope to be as amazing a teacher as she is. I know in the years to come I will not only be looking back to her guidance but also continuing to consulting her, always. I feel so fortunate not only to have a lifelong mentor but a new friend. 


Newburyport High School (Photo via NHS Library)


My last few days were difficult at NHS. I finished with my seniors about a week before I finished with my sophomores, which made the transition a little easier for me, but nonetheless, I will miss them. My seniors were incredibly sweet, later writing the sweetest notes of gratitude and encouragement in the yearbook the staff got me. My last day with my sophomores ended perfectly with their Macbeth scene performances. I was so proud of them; their performances were outstanding, clearly representing the gender studies perspective we had worked with all unit. I am truly sad to be leaving my students; I wish I could stay their teacher forever, but I am grateful to have had these incredible people as my first ever high school students.


Cake courtesy of the English and History departments. 


I also graduated the dual degree program at Salem State University with my Masters in English and Teaching. It seems so strange to have graduated with my two degrees; it seems like just yesterday I was sitting in my first graduate course, nervous and excited for what was to come. Although I may have graduated, I know I will be back at Salem State taking more courses; I’ll never truly be done with SSU. And I am so happy to have the amazing colleagues and friends I met at SSU. I know I will continue to work on amazing projects with all of them.


My dream team. Danah Hashem and Megan Grandmont graduating with me. 

With so many things coming to a close, I am excited to share news about this coming year. In August, I will be joining the English department at Haverhill High School. I am teaching two sections of grade 10 honors, two sections of grade 10 CP, and one section of grade 12 CP. Having grown up in Haverhill (although not attending HHS myself), I am happy to be going back to my roots for my first teaching experience. I know my first year of teaching will be difficult (as all current teachers encouragingly remind me), but I am excited for this next step in my teaching journey, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!


Haverhill High School (Photo via HHS homepage)


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